Craft-tastrophe – Holiday Edition!

Why donate boxes of pasta to your local food pantry when you can make this instead?

This stunning Christmas tree really stands out from the crowd in its combination of innovation and desperation.

While hideous, it is still impressive that someone was able to look at their pantry and their junk drawer and think to themselves, “If only I had a red cardboard megaphone from last night’s high school football game… then I could make a Christmas tree!”  After mugging a cheerleader and taking her megaphone, just for giggles they mounted it onto a base of… honestly, I have no idea what that white base is – a bowl?  Glass lampshade?

Seriously, look at this again:

Tree Details

There are more types of pasta on this tree than on the Olive Garden menu.

There are eleven types of pasta visible here.  There’s at least three more on the tree, but if you really are using this as a way to learn the shapes of pasta, I think you are on the wrong blog. There’s also a number of golf tees, buttons, bows, stickers, earrings, beads, a cinnamon stick, and images cut out of photos and cards.

Yes, images cut out of other sources.  So not only did this crafter make a Christmas tree out of everything available in a hoarder’s pantry, but then proceeded to decorate this thing with snowman cutouts.

This is where the desperation comes in. After all of this work (yes, work – just because it’s awful doesn’t mean it was easy to put together) the crafter went ahead and scotch taped the snowmen onto it.

Like there was a pressing deadline on this thing. Like Santa wasn’t going to stop at the house if this wasn’t next to the fireplace.

Or maybe the pasta was in lieu of cookies.