Holiday Roundup!

Happy New Year, beloved readers! And by beloved readers I mean our moms.

Speaking of moms, once again Amy’s mom helped me out with with a lovely new piece of Christmas decor that shall be liberated from the confines of my home shortly. Oh yes, this little reindeer will be set free to live in a Goodwill of the greater Washington area any day now. Quite possibly in the next few hours. I hope he finds a new home for the 2014 holiday season.

Meanwhile, at Goldfinger’s annual Christmas soiree, Mr. Bond was about to die.


While I have to admit this isn’t nearly as, um, unique as the “tree” I received last year, there is something odd about celebrating Christmas with the Arctic Circle version of the golden calf from The Ten Commandments.

Actually, this really isn’t that bad as a seasonal decoration. After all Christmas decor comes in a few different varieties, and “Glitzy” is one of them. The only really odd choices are the very low quality fake flowers and the incongruous addition of the country kitsch snowman head, which falls into the “Country Christmas” decor category. There is also an unfortunate antler injury that should be glued/taped back together.

These things could be rectified very easily by someone who gave a crap. I am not that person.



Sibling Rivalry Can Ruffle Feathers

I turn my bill up at you peon!

Imagine my surprise when I returned home from an errand to see a package on my porch. It was mid-November, not yet the holiday season. It wasn’t my birthday, my son’s or husband’s birthday, or my anniversary. What glorious gift could be within this brown box?

Then I saw the return address. Chad – Amy’s brother. Uh-oh.

Apparently Chad wants in on the action, and went so far as to quadruple the value of this ugly duckling by paying to mail it to me. But alas, no amount of priority shipping will turn this ugly ducker into a swan.

Sadly I will not be able to take Chad’s suggestion of using this to create a ‘classy centerpiece’ for my Thanksgiving dinner. This year I will be a guest instead of a hostess for the holiday, so who knows who will receive this quacktastrophe next…