A Not So Pretty Pair

These beautiful pictures speak to me, they say you are a honky white person stuck in the 1960’s.  The embroidery is impressive, but what I really like are the random carpet extras that were incorporated into the headdress of the Indian chief.  However, I also appreciate the cotton batting on both pictures. If I were to ever get a nosebleed, I would have plenty of batting to stuff my nose with.

But, the truth is, my favorite part of the entire gift is the trash bag the pictures came in.  I will certainly get more use out of it than I will this ugly pictures.  My neighborhood is having a neighborhood wide yard sale this weekend, while I am too embarrassed to sell these, I will put them out for free.  Maybe I will hook up a webcam and see what wackjob picks up these ugly pictures.

My favorite part of the git.

My favorite part of the gift.


That is where my pen is


This cowboy is hard to resist.  Originally designed to grow a cactus, nothing like a prickly tickley.  I have no plans for growing a cactus, but it makes a great place to store a pen or perhaps a fat marker.  For a man with a perpetual boner he sure doesn’t look happy, maybe he needs cactus boob lady.  How long do you think this could sit on my desk at work before I got called to HR?

Just in time for Halloween – A very odd clown

This odd little clown is a thank you gift for Molly Mobbie.  The clown appears to be sitting on top of some sort of table that is perched atop of some small animal.  No matter what I do I cannot get a clear pic of this clown, this leads me to believe the clown is possessed.  Also, the clown’s eyes freak me out.  This thing is just weird looking.  Who in their right mind thought this was going to be a big seller?  It looks like the clown is crushing a small animal. FREAKY!

Note from the gifter: Amy I am so sorry. It was clearly a bad idea to get anything commemorating an evil clown sacrificing a small animal via table crushing. You should donate (okay, burn) this immediately. My luck has turned for the better since this evil clown left my home. I do not think that is a coincidence. I’m pretty sure this was originally sold by Jack Marshak.

A bank so we can save for the future

On a recent visit to Brig we received this lovely item, a wedding gift for the newlyweds.  Nothing says save your money like a pink iridescent monkey bank.  I think I might have to put money in it just so I can smash it to get the money back out.  I especially love the tiny monkey, you can’t tell from the pics, but it has clearly broken off and been glued back on.  Someone cared enough about this ugly ass monkey to glue it back together, wtf.

let the ugly gifting begin

While we have shared many gifts over the years, we can now look forward to sharing these “beautiful” gifts with the world.  I hope you “love” these gifts as much as we do.

what a “lovely” vase

A note from the giver: So. Very. Shiny!!!

I love how the lampshade is slightly off kilter, plus who wouldn’t want a beaded lamp

A note from the gift giver: What immediately attracted me to this find, from a Goodwill store in Alexandria, VA was that it was obvious that someone painstakingly beaded this entire thing, only to realize they screwed up the shade. Oh, and that the lamp is hideous. After all the effort to design and craft this, they were left with this monstrosity that can only take a chandelier bulb. So not only is it ugly, it is barely functional.