Snooki and The Situation in 2038

In what is perhaps a fitting tribute to the Garden State, the guy does look a little like Silent Bob. If you squint. And drank a margarita out of one of those slushie machines on the boardwalk.

In case you were starting to miss summer and feel nostalgic for lazy days in the sand and cute swimsuits, let me remind that fall is awesome. Because when you go to the beach in the summer, you probably see more of the above than you care to admit. If these were fall themed figurines, this delightful couple would probably get to wear sweaters and go apple picking. They might be downright adorable.

Don’t get me wrong, I still wouldn’t buy these figurines. ┬áLet’s not get crazy.

But this does raise the question, “Why does New Jersey insist on mocking itself?” It’s really not that bad. I spent my childhood vacations on the Jersey Shore and have nothing but great memories of playing on the beach and eating ice cream while grandpa made one hell of run at a blackjack table. Okay, maybe that is a little bit stereotypical Jersey.

And I’m not just assigning this couple the role Jersey Beach Bums. Some boardwalk shop went ahead and branded them – cheaply. After stocking their store with non-location specific ceramic beachgoers who make questionable fashion choices, they figured, “What the hell? Let’s claim them as ours.”

Tape your own city here!

So with that as a reminder of the inherent awesomeness of autumn, let’s let summer walk out of our lives until next year.

Fare thee well, whats-your-name and JWoww.