let the ugly gifting begin

While we have shared many gifts over the years, we can now look forward to sharing these “beautiful” gifts with the world.  I hope you “love” these gifts as much as we do.

what a “lovely” vase

A note from the giver: So. Very. Shiny!!!

I love how the lampshade is slightly off kilter, plus who wouldn’t want a beaded lamp

A note from the gift giver: What immediately attracted me to this find, from a Goodwill store in Alexandria, VA was that it was obvious that someone painstakingly beaded this entire thing, only to realize they screwed up the shade. Oh, and that the lamp is hideous. After all the effort to design and craft this, they were left with this monstrosity that can only take a chandelier bulb. So not only is it ugly, it is barely functional.


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